Sunday, May 10, 2015

Creating Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Recently, I have been facilitating seminars on bee friendly landscaping at places such as Honergirl Meadery and for
The Durham County Bee Keepers .   I will also be sharing this information at The Makery, May 24, 6-8pm.  This education comes from years of information gathering and observation.  I must say that our world is so interconnected that once you begin gardening for pollinators, you begin to garden for wildlife.    Once you create a haven for pollinators,  then all areas of nature benefit, including our watershed.  I will begin posting information on landscaping  for pollinators in the months to come.  In my habitat gardens I am constantly trying to provide an urban sanctuary for native bees, honey bees, butterflies and birds.  Of course I am always pleased that by doing this I observe other insects and reptiles thrive also.  In our world, there are fewer of these habitats to be found.  All flowers and plants that I provide are grown with respect to our planet and the creatures we share it with.