Thursday, April 7, 2011

  From Burgess's Bird Book for Children:
On each forehead, chin and a line through each eye was  velvety black.  Each wore a very stylish pointed cap.  They were quite dandified.
A Stranger and a Dandy

When I hear the beautiful whispy mornful cries of the cedar waxwings, I know to look close by to trees,  bushes or ephemeral puddlles where they gather, always in groups together, talking and moving together everywhere.

The first encounter i ever had were two at my birdbath-the most exotic looking bired I have ever seen in piedmont NC.  They are captivating and jovial, despite their sad songs and sound like lovely swingsets in the wind.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book excerpt: Barred Owls and Conical Dipoles

Barred Owls on Evening Walks

On Evening walks , I sometimes hear you 
Call your lady from her sleep
The sun crept below
 the Rollin's Apartment edifice,
She answered beautiful and deep. 

The italianate balconies awaited 
The continuos allusion
of the lovers
 that played me,
Darting by in the night
with a silent swish,
Then away into the wood.

Another evening, I told my love
Conditions would be good.
We then were bogged in a mucky mess
talking of earthly scrabble.
Only to almost miss you overhead
Gazing gently down,
My heart skips with  every encounter.

 So the painting, Conical Dipoles depicts
The Owl's prowess, 
if I were you as adept,
my eyes would be like fists.

 Eyes and ears so like antennae
 to sense and see.
A vision of multitudes of information.

I searched for you both so diligently,
On evening walks to no avail.
Not in your tree from days before 
Or where I hear the call.
Just before sunrise then I hear you
She answered then again.
I saw a pair perched in two trees
Saying their morning goodbye.

She rose like a heart balloon
And you swooped down
with wings the same heart  shaped wings
 lifted you to descend.
You darted quickly away.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Leaving Raleigh

Attracting Birds: Sounds and Skies is leaving Raleigh today.  In the next couple of weeks, I will BLOG he book that accompanies the show.  Thanks to Stacey Kirby for beautifully hand-binding this artist's book. Also,  thanks to all for the support and inspiration.

Leaving Raleigh,
a ghost in the window
brushed the curtain
in the corner of my eye.

Leaving Raleigh,
I felt the breeze pass
and the windsock
in the window shuddered.

Leaving Raleigh,
turn on a light 
in a dark room.
She is on a mirror ,
then you swoon.

Leaving Raleigh,
the  little wren
in our house we spy.
Open the window
and there she flies.

Todays Flower

The Camellia flower
Was going to fall,
But it caught in the leaves.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flowers for Japan

Japanese art and culture has been a prevalent influence in this exhibition.  My heart goes out to the people, the animals, the culture, the nature and the land.
Here are some flowers for Japan,

Hope and healing for their sorrow and struggles.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cedar waxwings gather...

 cedar waxwings gather
 in the treetops talking , eating
 and swooping to and fro.  when do they go?

In our region from October-June
 thanks to map from Cornell Ornithology Lab:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Exhibition opens!

Thanks to all who visit!

Many special thanks to:
Karen Bethune, Curator and NC Museum of Natural Science 
David Crawford
Emily Heller
Stacey Kirby
Rosalie Horton

Birds Attracted at opening: Russell, Robert and Megan!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

 Rain Robins keep robins company
as they wait for the rain.
One work is entitled Rain Robins because I sat watching Robins in the rain on my porch in Raleigh as I painted them.  It was so rainy,  paper itself was wet and the birds were happy.  The recent lack of rain was of some concern as the robins and cedar waxwings started to gather at ephemeral street puddles. 
After days of drought, the robins gather at the last remaining puddle in the gutter in front of my house. One  can't help but worry what might lurk in the street puddles but it is all they have. They refused to gather at the bird baths. I hang Rain Robins in the studio window to greet the robins in the trees, waiting for a turn at the puddle.
I hang the Rain Robins in the studio window
The robins find them attractive and gather in the trees.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exhibition Preview

Welcome to the exhibition preview of Attracting Birds: Sounds and Skies 
by Lee Moore Crawford. 
All images on this blog are copyrighted by the artist.

Barred Owl, Conical Dipole, collage painting
In my Durham neighborhood, there are a pair of allusive Barred Owls.  The Conical Dipole is a type of antennae, which I think is a fine metaphor for them.

Bird Spaces Two in the Blue, photo painting
In this exhibition there are images of trees and skies.  These are entitled Bird Spaces, relating to the Japanese art of flower arranging, Ikebana, where you have Heaven, Earth and spaces to let the birds fly through.

Rain Cherry Tree Blossoms, photo painting

Mary Boylan's Chickadees, detail, photo painting

More previews to come, thanks for visiting!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attracting Birds: Sounds and Skies, March 4-27, 2011

Attracting Birds: 
Sounds and Skies
By Lee Moore Crawford

Nature of Art Gallery
Museum of Natural Sciences , Raleigh, NC
March 4-27, 2011
Opening reception First Friday, March 4, 6:30-8:30 pm
Monday–Saturday: 9 am–4:45 pm
Sunday: noon–4:45 pm

Welcome! This Blog is inspired by the exhibition above.  In the days leading up to the opening and after, you will find  images of the art in the exhibition, "personal bird encounters" and  other inspirations by Lee.
Others are welcome to share comments and their own bird encounters.

"Attracting Birds: Sounds and Skies,"  is part of an ongoing series that
partners bibliographic inspirations with the artist's expressions of
personal bird encounters in collage paintings, photography and recordings.
This most recent rendition is a collection of visual poems about the bird
encounters in residential landscapes of two historic neighborhoods in
Raleigh and Durham.  Also included are “soundscapes, skyscapes and
treescapes that create an environment for Attracting Birds.