Wednesday, March 2, 2011

 Rain Robins keep robins company
as they wait for the rain.
One work is entitled Rain Robins because I sat watching Robins in the rain on my porch in Raleigh as I painted them.  It was so rainy,  paper itself was wet and the birds were happy.  The recent lack of rain was of some concern as the robins and cedar waxwings started to gather at ephemeral street puddles. 
After days of drought, the robins gather at the last remaining puddle in the gutter in front of my house. One  can't help but worry what might lurk in the street puddles but it is all they have. They refused to gather at the bird baths. I hang Rain Robins in the studio window to greet the robins in the trees, waiting for a turn at the puddle.
I hang the Rain Robins in the studio window
The robins find them attractive and gather in the trees.

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