Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attracting Birds: Sounds and Skies, March 4-27, 2011

Attracting Birds: 
Sounds and Skies
By Lee Moore Crawford

Nature of Art Gallery
Museum of Natural Sciences , Raleigh, NC
March 4-27, 2011
Opening reception First Friday, March 4, 6:30-8:30 pm
Monday–Saturday: 9 am–4:45 pm
Sunday: noon–4:45 pm

Welcome! This Blog is inspired by the exhibition above.  In the days leading up to the opening and after, you will find  images of the art in the exhibition, "personal bird encounters" and  other inspirations by Lee.
Others are welcome to share comments and their own bird encounters.

"Attracting Birds: Sounds and Skies,"  is part of an ongoing series that
partners bibliographic inspirations with the artist's expressions of
personal bird encounters in collage paintings, photography and recordings.
This most recent rendition is a collection of visual poems about the bird
encounters in residential landscapes of two historic neighborhoods in
Raleigh and Durham.  Also included are “soundscapes, skyscapes and
treescapes that create an environment for Attracting Birds.  

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